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Rise of The Phoenix

I'm Christy, the owner, creator, and labor behind Phoenix Spark. 

This agency is my baby.  I see so many of what I refer to as "stars in the making" that post their talents on social media or type up posts to inform people of their new music, upcoming releases, and event calendar but they don't get much, if any,  recognition or promotion off of their personal pages. That's where I would like to step in. In doing my research for this venture, I couldn't help but notice that management, marketing, promotion,   public   relations, event flyers, social media posts, venue knowledge and communication, and all the "extra" exposure   costs, what I believe to be, way more than an up and coming artist can afford. I make my living as a pediatric LVN and LOVE my job so in starting this venture, making a living doing it was not my driving force. For that reason, I will not have set packages and prices!! The services and prices will be determined  case by case, and  If given the opportunity, I will promote your music, band, brand, etc to the absolute best of my ability at a rate that we can agree is fair. I just believe good music and good artists deserve the same chances to be heard no matter what their individual  bank accounts look like.  My dream is to guide hard working  emerging artists on their journey and to provide the avenues and tools to be successful, with affordability being my priority.  Submit your demo and contact information using the contact form. Upon receiving it, I will contact you regarding my thoughts and we can combine ideas to get you 


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